Lindsey is a discord bot which aims to provide useful and interactive features for moderators and users alike.

Lindsey is open-source, distributed, does not spy on you and is free.

You can add Lindsey by clicking here, you can learn how to configure several features by checking the features section on the left!

Lindsey is called Lindsey#2249 and has id 119482224713269248

How to start?

To start using Lindsey, first add her from the link on the left, then you can start configuring all the modules you wish to use. You should then start by quickly reading our modules section:



Does Lindsey have music?

No. Lindsey had a legacy music system that was working since 2016, however due to YouTube sending a C&D to two major bots in this space, we have deprecated this feature. It will continue working for as long as it works, but will not be supported by the Lindsey development team anymore.

Additionally, in 2022 Discord has started taking action against bots that have the music feature, so this feature is no longer available.

It is not possible to only support SoundCloud in the bot, as SoundCloud is a much smaller website and their servers would not be capable of handling the amount of requests that bots as big as ours would make. (Believe me, we tried in the past).

Bots that advertise support for Spotify are mostly lying, these bots actually take your Spotify link and just search and play the same song from YouTube, which means that supporting Spotify is also not possible.

We understand that sharing music and party listening is quite an engaging feature that a lot of communities have used through the years, while we are working on a off-platform alternative there is no ETA or estimative that it's ever going to be released. Discord is planning on releasing Activities which would allow users to use Youtube Together, but it has no ETA as well.

How to report a bug?

To report a bug, please head over to our support server (link on the left side of this page), and simply send a message in the #support channel. A staff member will reply as soon as possible and a fix will be made available.

How to request a new feature?

To request a new feature, head over to our support server (link on the left side of this page) and simply send a message in the #feature-requests channel. We always look at that channel and usually add small features in the same day.

How to disable NSFW features?

Lindsey currently has only a few NSFW features, however some servers may decide to disable them as it's not suitable to their audience. It is currently not possible to disable these features entirely, however, these NSFW features will only work in NSFW channels. So if you don't have any NSFW channels you are already good to go!

Discord is currently working on custom permissions system for slash commands, it should launch somewhere between January and February March and April 2022, with it you will be able to completely disable and hide any commands, including NSFW commands.

How to auto-send NSFW?

On the other hand, we have received several requests from users looking to have the bot auto-send nsfw images. We do not currently support this feature but we are interested in the use-case.

In our minds, the NSFW commands are meant as a way to search a specific image on one of the supported platforms or for specific artists.

If you have a specific use-case/reason why automatically sending nsfw images on a channel should be a thing, please let us know in our support server.

As an additional note, usually things that "Do X every Y" are considered API abuse by Discord Staff so we'd need a compelling use-case to implement this feature.

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