Starboard allows users to bookmark messages by reacting to them with stars, messages that reach a certain star count will be linked in a separate channel.


You can enable starboard by enabling the starboard module, however, you will need to configure the module to have it work properly. You can enable the module like this:

/lindsey modules enable starboard

After enabling the starboard module, you can configure it by either clicking the Configure button or by issuing the following command:

/lindsey modules configure starboard

This will start a simple step-by-step setup where you will be asked a few questions to get the starboard configuration going.

In-depth configuration

Starboard has two config options, the channel and the star count, the channel option is the text channel where the messages that have reached the star count will be embedded.

If you don't see the channel you want to use for starboard when running the setup, please move it to the top of the server and run the setup again, this is a Discord limitation that is being worked on by Discord.

Messages that receive a star on any channel from the server and that reach the star count will be embedded on the channel, however if the original message is part of an NSFW channel, it will only be embedded if the starboard channel is also marked as NSFW.

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