Registration forces users to register by typing a message in a channel before they can access the server.


You can enable registration by enabling the registration module, however, you will need to configure the module to have it work properly. You can enable the module like this:

/lindsey modules enable registration

After enabling the registration module, you can configure it by either clicking the Configure button or by issuing the following command:

/lindsey modules configure registration

This will start a simple step-by-step setup where you will be asked a few questions to get the registration module working. On the last step, it will ask you for the registration word/phrase, simply type the message and send it in chat, when you are happy with it, click the Finish button!

In-depth configuration

Registration has three config options, the registration message/phrase, the channel where users need to send the registration message/phrase and the role that registered users will receive.

The registration message can be a simple word like register or a complex phrase with placeholders like I {User.Name} accept the rules of this temple. Which would require users to type:

I Fabricio20 accept the rules of this temple.

A list of all supported placeholders is available on the page below.


Due to a Discord limitation, we cannot ask for text input on the setup yet, so for the last step, you will need to type the message in chat, and then click the Finish button on the setup. The bot will delete the message that it used for the setup.

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