Learn what modules are and how to use them.

Something isn't working? Try seeing if there was an error in the module: /lindsey module logs If you are still experiencing issues, let us know!

Lindsey has several features, each represented by a module, all the features that can be enabled/disabled or require some sort of configuration can be managed by using one of the several module commands.

You can list all available modules by using the following command:

/lindsey modules list

Any modules in this list can be enabled/disabled, to do so, simply use the corresponding enable or disable command:

/lindsey modules enable name
/lindsey modules disable name

If you want to know more about a module, including it's status, you can use the status command:

/lindsey modules status name

This will return an embed with the module's name, description of what it does, a small video showcasing the feature and a few buttons you can click to Enable/Disable or Configure the module.

Some modules may require you to input messages in chat and then click a button, such as the Registration or Welcomer modules, this is a Discord limitation that is being worked on by the Discord Developers.

For modules that support configuration, you can start the configuration setup by using:

/lindsey modules configure name

This is an interactive setup that will ask questions related to the module to configure it, every selection you make on each step is automatically saved. Don't forget to enable the module if you want to actually use it as the configuration setup does not automatically enable the module.

If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to ask us on our Support Server!

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